Our mission is to have fun flying and to share the experience with others.

Hopefully we can interest others in RC flying as a hobby. The club has a nice flying field with a very large flying area. Some of the regular flyers have buddy cords to help flyers that may be new to the sport or need a little help.

It doesn’t matter how people get involved, as long as they have fun. Most of the flyers at the field fly nitro planes of various manufacturers. Other models include scratch built planes, gas planes, electric planes, nito helicopters, and electric helicopters.

While building, flying, and repairing usually come to mind when you think about the hobby. There are other aspects. Socializing with other flyers and family members, watching the flying, learning from others, looking at photos, going to flying events, and other aspects not mentioned.

No matter what your interest in the hobby, we welcome you.



The annual Country Flyers meeting will be held

on March 18th, 2017 @ 7:00PM

in Tifton at El Cazadors